Results 賽果

Results of 2017 SF Chinatown Ping Pong Tournament
2017 年華埠乒乓球節賽果

Advanced Level
1) Zhong Shan
2) SF5
3) Alameda

Intermediate Level
1) Dream One
2) Mission Bay
3) SF Capitol City #2

Beginner Level
1) United

Novice 1
1) SFMTA Express
2) Lowell Table Tennis Club
3) Eastern Western Park B

Novice 2
1) Balls of Fury
3) Optimal Spin

Results of 2016 Ping Pong Tournament
2016 年華埠乒乓球節賽果

Advanced Level
First Place: Lawton Diversity
Second Place: Peninsula Table Tennis Club
Third Place: Small World

Intermediate Level
First Place: Montague Seniors
Second Place: Super Lawton
Third Place: UC Davis

Beginner Level
First Place: BAO Bees
Second Place: SF Capitol City 1
Third Place: SFCTTC-B

Novice Level
First Place: Eastern Western Park
Second Place: MUNI Movers
Third Place: CYC Team Ping

Results of 2015 Ping Pong Tournament
2015 年華埠乒乓球節賽果

Advanced Level
First Place: AMDT-A
Second Place: Lawton A
Third Place: Pleasanton Table Tennis Center

Intermediate Level
First Place: CDCR
Second Place: Sunnyvale Seniors
Third Place: San Francisco Super

Beginner Level
First Place: Sushi Zen
Second Place: SF Capitol City Table Tennis 1
Third Place: Num Hung Hok Assn of US Wongs

Novice Level
First Place: SFCTTC
Second Place: Crazy Diamond
Third Place: Mission Spin Possible

Results of 2014 Ping Pong Tournament
2014 年華埠乒乓球節賽果

Advanced Level
First Place: AMDT-1
Second Place: Lawton Richmond
Third Place: Lawton A-1

Intermediate Level
First Place: Sunnyvale Seniors
Second Place: Lawton BB
Third Place: Mission Bay

Beginner Level
First Place: Eric Mar Beginner
Second Place: Jiang Hu
Third Place: Chinese Consulate

Results of 2013 Ping Pong Tournament
2013 年華埠乒乓球節賽果

Advanced Level
First Place: Top Spin
Second Place: JWTTC
Third Place: Sunset Lawton

Intermediate Level
First Place: Lawton – Richmond
Second Place: Mission Bay
Third Place: District 4

Beginner Level
First Place: Team Eric Mar
Second Place: CCSFDBI
Third Place: Num Hung Hok Luk Assn of US Wongs

On behalf of the 2016 San Francisco Ping Pong Tournament Committee, we would like to thank all those who participated in the  Tournament- the CYC Youth volunteers and staff, all the tournament players,  SF Rec and Park,  Hilton, Jean Parker  and Gordon J. Lau Elementary Schools.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Mayor Ed Lee, the Hilton,  21st Century Home Improvement,  Reveille Coffee Co., Cafe Bakery, and Lefty O’Doul’s.

Thank you all for making this such a fun and successful event. Next year’s event is slated for August 20, 2017. See you all next year!